Aachen in the German
starts on Friday, September 23 2016, all the Nations Cup Purebred Arabian horses in 2016 classified for the beauty Championship classification TITLE according Alaakaho systems, this tournament, which is one of the strongest Arabian Horse beauty competitions in the world after the World Championships Paris, which some of the world’s most famous cleats, the royal collections of the most beautiful Arabian horses participate
Friday, 09/23/2016, competitions begin at 9:30 am
Neutered horses age 1-6 years
Neutered horses age 7 years and older

Foals age 1 years old ..  two categories (a) and (b
Foals age 2 years old ..  two categories (a) and (b
Colt age of 2 years
Fillies 3 years
Colt age of 3 years
Saturday, 09/24/2016, competitions start at 9:30 am :

 Fillies year of age categories (a) and b
mares from 4-6 years categories (a) and (b
mares from 7-10 years
mares 11 years and older
stallions of 4-6 years
stallions of 7-10 years
stallions 11 years and older
Sunday, 09/25/2016, the final day of the tournament and the distribution of titles at 2:00 pm
Horses Neutered
Fillies age years
Colt year old

enjoy it


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