The Tale of a Horse – El Nabila B

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The Tale of a Horse – El Nabila B

Name: El Nabila B
Color: Grey
Year of foaling: 1996

[image] The extremely cold morning’s silence is broken by horses’ hooves beat ,hammering the granite stones that were neatly fixed . Their shoes are like a chisel beating those stones for more than two centuries . Horse-drawn carts carry men dressed in military uniform on that side . A groom leads two mares passing on the other side ,and a horse is schooled in the outdoor paddock . This scene is repeated daily for more than two hundred years in the ancient white stud —the Hungarian State Stud at Babolna.
In the  summer of 1996,  that routine was breached by the news of the new comer , a gorgeous grey colt was just born . Although he is newly born, he looked as if he was born two hundred years ago; as old as the place, historical horse from good old days  … “El Nabila B” was born.

His Pedigree

El Nabila B’s pedigree is a blend of Russian bloodline from the sire’s side, and straight Egyptian from the dam’s side, His father ” Kubinec ” is the world champion, the European Triple Crown winer ,and all nation’s  cup champion .This is not unusual, as Kubinec’s mother “Kosmetika” is the best daughter of the Russian legend ” Muscat,” who is considered to be the third in place , who’s daughters produced champions from deferent sires . As for El Nabila B’s mother ” 213 Elf Layla Walayla B”, her achievements speaks about her greatness. 1998 World Reserve Champion Mare, European Reserve Champion Mare, and Nations Cup Reserve Champion Mare. In 2003, she was named Egyptian Event Europe Supreme Champion Mare and in 2004, Swiss National Champion Mare.

Everyone has a share of his name ( Arabic expiration )

They call him ” The Gentleman” as if he has a share of the name ” El Nabila (means noble in Arabic ). He encompassed many of the qualities of nobility: he is an amazing stallion that hardly any can find alike at the present time .

Who closely knows him says :
“He is the kind of horse who conjures the desire in you to want to know him and know about him. El Nabila is the kindest horse that you ever have around — he is a horse that loves people. If he was  turned out in the pasture with the rest of the foals and if anyone came to visit, it was *El Nabila who would be the first to run to greet them. He was such a special individual even as a young horse. He was always just such a gentleman.”

His owner recalls the following story to demonstrate to El Nabila B’s composure:

El Nabila arrived at His new owner’s farm in Brazil at 3:00 a.m. The stud manger said : “We didn’t know him, and we thought, ‘If this horse comes out of this truck and he wants to run, he will get lost in the dark.’ We pointed headlights from our tractors and cars at him. He came out of the truck, went down the hill, went into his stall, had a drink of water, started munching some hay, and that was it. He was so well mannered. He is the kindest, kindest horse — the most educated horse. You could have a baby with him in the stall and he wouldn’t hurt it.
The owner was looking for a stallion for  his Brazilian horses, specifically a Kubinec son. *El Nabila was standing in Germany and had returned to Hungary, no success to get them to put a price on him. Finally, he went back to Germany for the stallion licensing . I couldn’t stop thinking about that horse . I called them back and get the price and flew back to see him; they turned him loose and he was magnificent.”
The second  owner was looking for a stallion for his farm. a friend told him about El Nabila B. He says: 
“I attended the Scottsdale championship, specially to see him . When I saw him he was covered with his blanket. Those beautiful black eyes caught my attention. There was an old friend that I know for nearly ten years, also attended, with one of his friends, to buy El Nabila B, and so we all decided to invest in him”.
Thus we began our journey to select mares that make a nice cross with El Nabila B . We chose Om Al Arab Stud, where we leased  two of mares Al Lahab daughters and two of Dakar El Jamal daughters.
Traits he passes on to his offspring:
El Nabila B  is a very smooth and correct horse with great long ,correct  legs and a high tail carriage, and he is a good mover with a very nice eyes . He is putting correct foals on the ground that are athletic. He is putting great bodies and beautiful eyes on his foals and doing it pretty consistently.
This is something that happens quite often in crosses with Padrons Psyche daughters.
It’s well known that an average stallion could improve a normal mare, but a truly great stallion is capable of improving a great mare and El Nabila B has that ability. It gives you what you want to see
in the next generation

His offspring :

El Nabila B sired winners all over the world such as:

(El Nabila B x MSU Secret Vows)
Champion Two Year Old Colt
2010 Scottsdale
(El Nabila B x Hannah K by Borsalino K)
Saudi Arabia National Champion Stallion
Owned by: Athbah Stud
(El Nabila B x Giovanna JM)
2005 Brazilian National Champion Jr Filly.
(El Nabila B x Garbo C)
2010 Ajman Champion Jr. Filly
(El Nabila B x Chiara K)
2005 Middle East Championship
1st Place Yearling Filly
Owned by: HRH Prince Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abduel Aziz Al Saud


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