Nothing stands between him and his noms!

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Drive-thrus are so convenient. Who doesn't want to get their coffee, food, or dry-cleaning without even leaving their car? There are so many other things to be done every day. Who can be bothered to get out of a car? Exhausting.

What's even better than a drive-thru is when you can support a good cause like the Special Olympics Floridawhile getting your delicious morning donut. Charity and sweets all at once? Sign me up.

A police horse in the Tampa area, named Red, trotted right up to the Krispy Kreme drive-thru window late last month in order to support a fundraiser for the event.

Though the horse's name is Red, it seems that his heart is filled with jelly. We're so happy that even he was able to partake in the celebrations for World Autism Awareness Day



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