Yes , this is what happens !
Often they prefer to kill the horse , but the question still here “why ?”
Here comes the role of the veterinarian jane hall to answer the question and says :
The veterinarians can’t rush decision-making to kill the horse if his leg was broken , they can give him another chance to stay but …!
This injured leg will not bear any burden after today ! , because the bones of a horse is very complex structure , it can’t returning as it were quickly  , and it can’t carry his heavy weight on his fragile and twisted bones . It is unfortunate that the leg bones of horses have deformed after fracture , even if we have collected it again the situation will remain unsafe by twisted bones even after healing .
And she ended the topic with a summary of the utmost importance , when treating a broken leg , we must remove the weight of the affected area , and here comes the role of the nature in the horse that requiring to keep standing for long time and running very quickly , in this case the horse can’t balance on a three-legged because it stood thus causing inflammation for other sound hooves . even we using the crane its may have a gastric ulcers and several effects that could infect it when knocked over .
This was quoted by the British newspaper The Guardian on Monday 26 December 2016
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