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Shetland Ponies Can Be Headstrong And Spoiled – Video Below!

Shetland Ponies Can Be Headstrong And Spoiled – Video Below!

Originating in the Shetland Isles, the Shetland pony is a breed that has some distinguishing features. Compact and strong, intelligent, small size and thick coat, sturdy build; used for riding and driving. They can grow tall from 71 to 107 cm and can be in almost any color. Intelligent by nature and very gentle to others, this horses make good children’s ponies. Sometimes they might become impatient and uncooperative, so if not well-trained, this ponies can be headstrong and spoiled.

Shetland ponies according to their size are the strongest of all pony breeds and they can live more than 30 years! Their small size also predisposes some health issues, so it’s very important to take good care of their nutrition.

Their appearance can be an extraordinary experience for every horse lover, because Shetland ponies are wonderful. They have little heads, small and solid necks, long thick manes and tails, and a winter coat that comforts them during the winter.

A family in the following video, gets the chance to meet one gorgeous Shetland ponies. As you can see the kids are trying to feed the pony, but it seems that this one is a bad boy and its not in the mood for new friendships.

Maybe is because they are all around him and he felt like he has no space?! He started chasing them and moving in circles. His reaction has been funny for those people and their kids, but the thing is that something set off that Shetland pony. You should not wave and jump around horses, especially when they are eating and behind their backs.

But who knows, maybe this is just another spoiled, stubborn pony! Tell us what you think and share this video with other horse lovers.


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