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Artist Impressed By Pinto Horses!

Many people are interested in visual puzzles and optical illusions, so this one is for them. For all those who love to solve tricky puzzles and get entertained by that, we have another task. How many horses do you see in this beautiful painting?

This painting might confuse you, but its fun, don’t you agree?! Probably, some people will solve it right away, but from our experience, many of you will stare at the painting for a while. Maybe you’ll need some time to find the answer, but don’t worry, that is all part of the game.

For your information, this painting has been painted by the artist Bev Doolittle. Its called Pintos back in 1975 and she was inspired while traveling around the southwestern region of America. Together with her husband they encountered a herd of chestnut horses and she immediately started painting.

Those horses were impressive and had a huge impact on Bev. She could never forget the way they stared and marveled at her and her husband. As she said, that picture will stay in her mind forever!

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