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We will mention a brief points in order to not boredom , you will realize how many are the reasons shyness of horses , males and females in general . I advice you to read the notes and every word between the brackets . 
The most important thing you need to know that the horse Feel shy of its owner more than anything else , because he’s the only one who understands it and perceive her behaviors , and its know that well . 
The horses is very sensitive creatures and feel shy to the point of hiding from the viewers .
Some of stallions feel shy to mating the mares , all agree that’s shying is the main of reasons that prevent fertilization . 
And some of mares feel shy to raises its tail in order to hide its desire , This is sayings of Arabs in the past (a minority of them) .
The horses feel shy too when its dismay with no reason !
For example : that you visit your horse during his sleep , its wake up with full of scared and sees you suddenly in front ! , which will cause a major embarrassment because its showed you the fear with no reason .
If you admonish your horse if its made a mistake , feel shy too , and if you screamed at its face , you will see it lower its head or turned around . we don’t forget that the messenger of Muslims Mohammad was recommend us to admonish our horses .
Important note :
Horses will not understand that they made a mistake if you don’t admonish it ! , The silent on error it’s meaning that you are satisfied about its behaviors .( This wrong is ignores by a lots of owners). 
Another important note :
Don’t forget as well to reward your horse as wiping its forehead or feed it a small piece of candy when its obey commands as it should , this will be an encouragement that’s it is the right thing .
Some of mares shying at the time of birth , so its favors birth in the early morning hours . even in some cases its can postpone the birth for many hours before the open-pangs ( which gets before the fetus out ) , even its is in a particular event in which a lot of people . 
Finally , here I finish the summarize of the topic by my experience and conclusion with horses :
1) Shyness gives horses a magic of beauty you will not see it every day .
2) Shyness gives horses a courtship and tenderness and love that only you can feel it .
3) You may exploit the advantage of shyness in order to increase communication and convergence between you and your horse .
In moment of shyness your horse will be waiting for any command to obey you without any hesitation ! and make you satisfied with it as well . 
Did you read how many are the reasons shyness of horses ?
Have you seen how it’s beautiful and delicate creature?
Do you agree with me that’s your horse is like a little baby ?!
Yes ! , it’s feel shyness when you chides it .
Many thanks for everyone share us about the shyness of a horses question a few days ago , for this all here in order to benefit each other . 
Thanks again for all , and sorry about taking long ,
Make sure if I threw this topic in a lecture , its will took many of hours .
Our Greetings for horses lovers ,

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