Why is it important to teach our horses the voice commands ?
‏There are various reasons for the importance of teaching them voice commands.
‏We will mention few :
‏First, to make it easier to communicate with your horse. it`s easier for your horse and more personal to recieve voice commands in your voice that to use a whip or lash the horse with its leash.
specially if it was one of your children riding it, or anyone who does not have enough experience to ride your horse, or in a case of an emergency all you have to do is giving a vocal order and ity will comply.
in addition to that we we starve to build a form or a communication and a connection with our horses, our voice is considered an important communication tool, easy and non-confusing for the horse, unlike the whip its physical and not frindly at all.
‏very important :
‏Remember our friend that your voice is one of the secret tools of success with your horse.
by teaching the horse responding to vocal orders, you will reach the ultimate formm of performance and an interesting relation. and you are on your own would be emboldened to learn the most and the most continues. And you will come to belive that your horse is yourbest friend who will never leave you no matter what.
‏We mentioned here some of the benefits of voice commands , we cant wait to hear your opinions and comments, and if you like our posts dont let it stop at your computer or phone. please share it with all your friends.
‏We are all here for one and one for all
‏Thank you for following our page
by adel abo elhiga & dr omar alrdene

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